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Welcome to PR Café from Kulesa Public Relations
Joanna Kulesa
—Joanna Kulesa, President,
Kulesa Public Relations
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Welcome to PR Café™, Kulesa Public Relations’ sister site for consumers looking to do their own power-packed PR! We believe there is a need for smart, affordable PR products that are fresh and insightful. Collectively, our products represent over 100 years of PR experience in launching and growing technology companies in Silicon Valley. We have packaged this high-value know-how into product offerings that will help you promote technology companies yourself in the best way possible and get ink, ink, ink! It is a known fact that positive press goes many times further than paid advertising. Use our products today to help grow your high-tech company into a business that generates tens of millions of dollars in revenue through power-packed PR. PR Café products answer the questions:
  • How do I write a press release?
  • How do I launch a product in the United States?
  • Which publications should I target?
  • How do I get tons of ink?
  • How can I win an industry award? 
  • How can I get a positive product review?

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Fresh Ideas from
PR Café
Subscribe to real-time updates on PR trends. The industry is changing at a lightening pace and just like stale coffee, traditional PR is yesterday’s news. Stay on top of the latest trends in PR with Fresh Ideas from PR Café.

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